Friday, May 28, 2010

G-Shock GX-56


Drake ft Jay-Z/Light up (Just the Song)

Ronnie Fieg x Sebago Lighthouse Boot

Ronnie Fieg x Sebago LightHouse Boot
I would def. rock these boots. I saw these boots on highsnobiety and I fell in love with them. When it comes to shoes. I like to have a very different taste from everybody.

Lets Get Lost Tonight

Shoes I Want for Myself #Random Post-->This is like a lil percentage..I want about a million



Just listening to it. So far so good

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Its like 2010 and I still listen to this album..
This album if def. one of the albums I still listen to from this date. The tunes is this songs are so up to date and futuristic its crazy. "Say You Will" is to this date "One of my songs to fall asleep to..2day I was looking @ the lyrics on AZlyrics and I said damn..These lyrics are airy and catchy. Kayne's 1st album was one of the dopest to..He delivered them fresh beats with them crazy ass samples..Not to dick ride but he is one of my favorite artist other than the rest of the favorite artist who I can't really name right noe because there are so many..But no lie. This nigga need to stop playing and come out with another fresh album..#TrueStory..If this nigga come out with another album I'm wasting my money to buy it..#Seriously...

I'm fresher than the Fresh PRINCE nigga-->Haaaa!!!!#RandomPost

To tell u the truth I went blank on this post. I didn't know what to really talk about but I guess I'll talk about some random basic stuff. Right now there is nothing to really blog about. My facebook is not hot 2day,my myspace is Elvis and my AIM is super dead. I need a more buzz on this internet game type stuff..But yoo..->My twitter is def dead. I'm still stuck @ 158 followers. A yo but like fa' real..I need some fresh followers pronto on the ASAP.Follow my twitter page @

$425,000 Watch-->

Like fa' real they bugging out. I would never buy a watch that cost this much..These niggas are bugging out shon!! Maybe if I was 1,000,000aire I would probably buy them though (Just A thought)

The Hundreds<---

Lookbook Material:Mishka Summer 2010


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